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The Mission

Our client was looking to improve access to information and streamline service delivery across numerous departments that support the faculty and support staff of 100+ schools and over 50,000 students. So, we did what any custom-app-portal-obsessed-ServiceNow-loving-firm would do - we designed and developed a shared services portal. A one-stop location where employees can seek information and interact with any department.

We approached this engagement in phases by focusing on stakeholder alignment of a shared vision for the designs look and feel first.  The first phase was centered on core services, including HR, IT, and Facilities. During the second phase, we worked in close collaboration with the ServiceNow sustainment team to enable them to successfully onboard additional departments. If you’ve never heard of a shared services portal on the ServiceNow platform, we wouldn’t be surprised; this is arguably one of the first-ever built for a ServiceNow customer!

The Goals

Organizational Transformation Momentum & Stakeholder Alignment
This engagement set the foundation for a five-year organizational transformation initiative that endeavours to have all customer-facing business departments united by a shared model. By involving stakeholders across the organization in our initial UI/UX design workshops, we achieved buy-in from departments onboarded in phase 1 and future phases.
Scalability & Maintainability
To achieve their five-year goal, a technical solution that would scale to all departments without adding significant maintenance overhead was critical to the engagement's success and the better solution in the long term.
Sustainment Team Enablement
We helped get the ball rolling and enabled our client’s team to keep it moving by creating a repeatable approach to onboarding departments to the shared services portal and working in close collaboration in Phase 1 (IT, HR, and Facilities) and Phase 2 (Transportation) to educate and close any knowledge gaps.

Project Highlights

Shared Announcements

News and announcements from all departments centralised into one location, with colour-coded icons for added context and recognition.

Employee Hub

One stop shop for employees to access requests, incidents, HR cases, and more.

Shared Landing Page & Departmental Pages

The shared landing page provides a central location for accessing services and information. A page for each department was also designed and implemented, reflecting the specific offerings of each service. For the HR team, we designed and produced a separate microsite dedicated specifically to Employee Wellness.

Unified Search

The contextual search bar we built separates departmental results, catalog items, and knowledge articles.

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