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The Mission

Our client has operations in regions worldwide and a longstanding commitment to the areas and communities they work within. One of those commitments is offering funding to increase community wellbeing, improve access to education, social and economic opportunities, and support environmental stewardship. Between 2013 and 2020, they contributed $100 million to organizations around the world, and in 2019 alone, they helped 945 organizations in 9 countries. This engagement's mission was to design and build a service portal with a guided questionnaire that supports the initiative, offering a stress-free submission experience for applicants and ease of use for application administrators.

Project Highlights

Self Guided Questionnaire

To determine the eligibility of applicants, we built a custom questionnaire. This self-guided solution takes applicants through a series of questions that assess eligibility before submitting a formal application for funding from the program. The questionnaire is easily updated with changes to questions by application administrators and helps in reducing erroneous submissions.

Public Portal

As part of the engagement, we designed and developed a custom service portal accessible to the public. Leveraging images shared with us and the organization's established brand as our guide, we created a simple and inviting portal page accessible from our client’s website.

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