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The Mission

With 75,000 employees, 35 benefit plans, and 54 accompanying rate structures, the annual benefits selection period is a busy time of year for our client's employees and HR teams. Employees require the ability to learn and understand what plan and benefits best suit them and their families. HR teams support employees by answering questions and assisting as needed. With an overarching goal of improving the employee experience and better enabling HR teams in this process, we collaborated with our client to design and build a dedicated portal for benefits selection.

Project Highlights

Portal Design

Leveraging our client’s brand identity and the designs created for the benefits enrollment mail campaign, we created a fresh design for the portal that we knew would be immediately familiar to employees.

Widgets & Content Delivery Enablement

We created various widgets and enabled teams to schedule and post content to the portal quickly.

Impersonate Lite

We developed a custom solution that mirrors the ServiceNow impersonation function to enable HR agents to help employees (see what they see) without seeing private information.

Knowledge Blocks

As part of the solution, our client leveraged Knowledge Blocks to reduce the number of articles related to benefits enrollment. We can’t take any credit for doing anything here, but we wanted to call out this great use of ServiceNow technology!



Decrease in Calls

17% decrease in calls to the HR support team

Gold Lamplighter Award

Awarded by The New England Society of Healthcare Communications

Increase in Visitors

172% increase in page visits over the previous year

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