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What a summer!

As an intern, all you can ask for is a supportive team, relevant projects and yummy treats, (thanks Otilia) and that’s exactly what we experienced! The three of us got together to chat about the summer and our experiences throughout. Before we take a look at that, let us introduce ourselves:

Aja Deren – Junior UX/UI Designer attending Mount Royal University studying a Bachelor’s of Communications and Information Design.

Harry Hartanto – Junior Business Analyst attending the University of Calgary studying a Bachelor’s of Commerce majoring in Business Analytics.

Austin Trout – Marketing and Sales Intern attending SAIT studying a Bachelor’s of Business Administration majoring in Marketing.

Let’s dive in!

What is your favorite part of your school and program?

My favorite part about Mount Royal University is how knowledgeable our professors are and how willing they are to share their experiences with the students. I also enjoy how user-focused the program is and how I get to collaborate with my fellow classmates. When I sat down in my first information design class, I knew right away that it was what I wanted to do!
I would have to agree with Aja. My favorite part of SAIT is definitely the instructors. Their real-world experience provides great insight into what the world of work is truly like. I also love the smaller class sizes. They allow me to build relationships with my instructors and receive the extra support.
My favorite part of the Business Analysis program at the University of Calgary is the opportunities it presents me with after school. Business Analysis jobs are in demand within a variety of companies and industries.

Aja, how did you get into UX/UI design?
I have always been good with people and naturally drawn to design. When I found out about UX/UI it seemed like the perfect fit! It allows me to be creative and solve problems for people.

Austin, how did you decide marketing was the path for you?
I have always had appreciation for the art of selling and how companies market products/services. After doing a sales internship last summer, I realized how much I enjoy interacting with clients and seeing how companies operate differently from one another. That reassured me that sales/marketing was the route I wanted to push my career towards.

Harry, out of your 19 ServiceNow certifications, which one was the hardest? Which one was your favorite?
The hardest certification for me was definitely Project Portfolio Management. It was something I had no prior experience with so it took more time than the others. I would definitely say I enjoyed the System Administrator Certification the most because of how long I prepped for it. It was nice to see my hard work pay off and achieve my first certification.

What is the story of how you joined APPOXIO? Why did it seem like the job for you?

I met Bre (Senior UX/UI) at the library downtown for my interview and she was an absolute ray of sunshine! I loved what she had to say about design and the people she works with. A few days later, I met Frank for a coffee and again, had nothing but great things to say about his team. My job started in the middle of COVID-19 crisis, even though the world was a little crazy, Frank and Bre dropped everything off at my house on my first day wearing masks and gloves. It was quite funny, and I really appreciated the effort.
I found out about APPOXIO during the developer meetup in February and they are one of the few ServiceNow partners that were looking to hiring interns. I felt APPOXIO would be able to help me in my Business Analysis career by further understanding how ServiceNow is used in the industry.
I met Frank in the summer of 2019 and he said he was interested in potentially hiring an intern for the summer of 2020. I immediately expressed my interest for the position. After a few meetings with Frank, Bre and Clay I joined APPOXIO part time in December and when classes ended for the semester, I transitioned into a full-time roll in May.

How has your summer been as an intern at APPOXIO?


It’s been really good. I am enjoying every minute of it. When it comes to all the different types of internships in the city, I feel like a winner getting to work at APPOXIO.
It’s been great! I feel very lucky to be working at APPOXIO. We are provided with an excellent opportunity to learn and test our skills. Not to mention the co-workers and the culture at APPOXIO is something special that isn’t easy to find.
I am having a great summer. I love being surrounded by such an experienced and collaborative team. Everyone is super nice and always willing to answer any questions I may have. I enjoy working with the clients and getting to see all the different scenarios that come up from project to project.

What goals did you set for yourself this summer?

1. Learn as much as possible from Bre and the entire team.
2. Think outside the box and learn new ways of doing design work.
1. Successfully build and present a minimum of 3 sales presentations with positive feedback from the client and our internal team by August 28th.
2. Understand the process of building portals and applications on the ServiceNow platform to improve my knowledge about UX/UI design, coding and business processes.
1. Meet and interact with as many clients as possible.
2. Educate myself as much as possible about ServiceNow and APPOXIO.
3. Learn more about the developer space at APPOXIO and better understand the process involved with it.

How do you see your time at APPOXIO benefiting your career and schools efforts in the future?


The breadth of projects I get to work on is huge. I work on many different designs and multiple projects at once! Having the opportunity to experience a variety of work, plus getting to interact with different team members and clients is making me a better designer and communicator. I am becoming more confident in my abilities.
APPOXIO is providing us with the opportunity to work on a variety of projects and with clients is something I really enjoy. The projects I work on will definitely give me a different perspective of how I approach my final year of school. Thanks to APPOXIO, I have met so many new people, learned new things, and gained quality work experience.
APPOXIO kick started my career by giving me the opportunity to do an internship so early on in my studies. When I return to school in September, I believe school will become easier for me because of the concepts I have learnt at APPOXIO.

Outside of work, what are some of your hobbies?


– I love collecting plants. I get inspiration from plants for my design work.
– I love hanging out with my dog.
– I love hiking.
– I absolutely love tea and have started quite the collection. My favorite tea would either be earl grey or chai.
– I play quite a bit of golf.
– I do a lot of fishing in the summers.
– I really enjoy going to my family’s cabin with friends.
– I like spending time with my family and going on road trips.
– Whenever I have spare time I like to play video games with my friends online. It’s a great way to stay connected with my friends during quarantine.

What is your favorite movie, book, or video game?


Movie: Easily the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I could watch those a million times over.
Book: The Harry Potter series. I have read them like 10 times through.
Video game: My siblings and I love to play Smash Bros, it can get pretty competitive at times.
Book: The Harry Potter series. It’s a classic and nostalgic series.
Video game: Mario Kart Nintendo 64.
Podcast: The Joe Rogan Experience and Dave Asprey.
Movie: The Big Short.
Video game: NHL 14. It’s dated, but still fun.
Podcasts: The Corp and Front End Happy Hour.

The three of us would like to extend our gratitude to all the APPOXIANS for having us along for the ride this summer. We couldn’t have asked for a better team to learn from and spend the summer with. Even with Covid-19 in effect, you still made our internships a fun and memorable experience.

– The Interns

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