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Thanks to those geniuses at ServiceNow we’re able to help make work just that much better! In our latest mission we leveraged service portal technology and our best practice development approach to create a shared services portal for the Calgary Catholic School District. Bringing IT, HR and Facilities to a united front in a shared portal solution was no easy task, but it was a lot of fun!

We kicked off the design stage by bringing stakeholders from all departments together to review landing page mock-up designs we created. Leveraging different exercises to gather feedback, we were able to gain consensus on design requirements over the course of a few workshops and of course some donuts. Take a peak at some of the page designs below.

HR Portal

HR Portal Page

After the fundamental design pieces were in place we went to work on widgets. Widgets really do make work better, especially when they can be used to tie 3 services together. What do we mean by that? Here are a few examples!

Super Search

We took ServiceNow’s portal search just a few steps further by allowing users to search in one place for anything related to IT, HR and Facilities. We also implemented a solution to group results by department and type to keep things as user friendly as possible.

Shared Announcements

Leveraging content delivery and some APPOXIO magic we created a shared announcements page for IT, HR and Facilities. With so much going on across these departments having a shared place for users to see everything that’s happening in the district was a no brainer!

Employee Hub

Did I request that from IT, HR or Facilities? When did I request it? What were the instructions the agent sent to me? We made getting answers to these questions easy with the Employee Hub widget we created. This widget brings together all your ServiceNow tickets so you can easily manage your interactions with each service.

Final Thoughts

We can’t end this blog post without giving our friends at CCSD a massive shout-out. The teams at CCSD came together during summer holidays when people are often away from the office and busy preparing for the upcoming school year. They also rolled up their sleeves to add additional value by updating and creating knowledge articles, working to implement new IT service catalog items and HR cases, as well as firing up their organization for the changes that were coming with our portal. We definitely can’t forget this great OCM material from Luca Li.

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