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Turns out we’re a little excited about sponsoring our first event in Toronto. And what better place to start than the first ever Now at Work event for the area, produced by our friends at ServiceNow.

Now at Work brings together extraordinary people changing the world of work, so it’s no surprise we wanted to be there to check everything out, meet said extraordinary individuals and of course show off our latest and greatest. We spent the day at the APPOXIO booth in the expo hall and had the opportunity of meeting so many great people. Thanks to all who stopped by to say hello!

We wrapped up the day by making faces at Frank as he presented on stage. The topic? Custom apps and portals of course!  We also drew names for our Apple Watch and iPad giveaway – congrats to the winners who we announced on our LinkedIn page.

Overall, the event was really well received by attendees. We wish we could follow the Now at Work circuit as it continues to other North American cities like Dallas, New York, Chicago and Washington. Or better yet across the pond to Amsterdam, London, Frankfurt, Paris, Tokyo and Sydney! But we’re a little too tired after a full day in Toronto…

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