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Yes, we’re talking about the one and only Knowledge conference!

It’s that magical time of year when we come together with our colleagues and customers to explore and celebrate the world of ServiceNow. We’re still a bit disappointed we’re missing the event in sunny Orlando due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but we are so grateful ServiceNow has found a way to offer the experience digitally for the first time. While many of the sessions appear to be full this week there is still opportunity to enjoy lots of the conference on demand so be sure to check the ServiceNow website for details.

We asked a few of the APPOXIAN’s what K20 events they are looking forward to and they were happy to spill the details.

 Paul Suffield, Delivery Manager

Paul’s K20 top picks:

  • Be amazing… or go home (available on Demand)
  • Performance analytics and reporting at the scale of Walmart (available on Demand)
  • Demo: Drive mobile app adoption and usage across the enterprise (available on Demand)

“The ‘Be amazing… or go home’ session sounds great, it is focused on business and customer relationship management. This is something that I do everyday as part of my role. I am always looking for more strategies and approaches to ensure I am building strong relationships and networks. Some of the clients that I work with on a daily basis have recently licensed performance analytics and they look to us for information and support on how best to roll this feature out. Walmart being a large multinational organization will have many great insights into how best to leverage the PA product and what to watch out for. I will also be looking into other demo/breakout sessions for PA to ensure I have the most context available to be able to speak to the product confidently. The ‘Drive mobile app adoption and usage across the enterprise’ demo is another session that I am attending to help assist one of our clients navigate the mobile roll out that they are currently working on. The hope here is that post go live we can provide data on the adoption of the application, and how users are using it once it is rolled out.”

Breanne Creelman, UX/UI Designer

Bre’s K20 top picks:

  • Meet up: Learn about the new Customer Success Center
  • How Royal Bank of Scotland sped up work with portal Innovation (available on Demand)
  • 7-Eleven: Digital-enabled to meet the customers’ intent (available on Demand)

“I am excited to learn about the new Customer Success Center. I also want to learn about the benefits from Performance Analytics and Reporting at a large organization, customer service cases and experience survey feedback, building great employee training experiences. How to deliver better self-service with virtual agent conversations will be a great learning, as well as collaborating with customers and keeping customer service informed through ServiceNow. There is a lot of excitement around transforming employee experience through adopting design thinking methods which I think will be great!”

Clayton Muff, Sales and Marketing Manager

Clay’s K20 top picks:

  • Saab: How to take an Agile HR & IT approach to onboarding and rapidly deliver (available on Demand)
  • Copenhagen City: Boosting productivity for over 45,000 employees using ServiceNow HRSD (available on Demand)
  • How Royal Bank of Scotland sped up work with portal innovation (available on Demand)
  • 7-Eleven: Digital-enabled to meet the customers’ intent (available on Demand)

“Since Knowledge this year is completely digital and I won’t have the opportunity of walking the exhibition hall and connecting with existing and new clients, I plan to spend my time learning how different organizations are leveraging the platform for success, and closing any knowledge gaps I have on new technologies and functionality specific to the world of apps, portals and the overall platform experience. I love the success story sessions because they inspire me in all aspects of my work. One moment I’m seeing a new approach to development, and the next I’m learning of a new way to articulate success and what that means to an organization. It’s a completely holistic learning environment for someone like me that has worked in various capacities on the NOW platform.”

K20 is here, most of the content is available on demand, we’ll be back next week with our K20 wrap-up post highlighting key takeaways, we’re excited, and you should be too!

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