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First off, we want to give a big warm welcome to Andrew!  We’re happy to have him on the team. Andrew joins APPOXIO with a variety of different skills, talents and interests. He’s based out of Edmonton, Alberta, but is originally from South Africa…which raises eyebrows around here considering we have another APPOXIAN from the same place (more on that to come in a future post). We sat down with Andrew to pick his brain and see what kind of fun stuff we could get out of him.

What is your favorite part of being an APPOXIAN?

Being a part of a team that is friendly, innovative and highly collaborative.

What is one of your proudest moments?

One of my proudest moments would have to be designing and implementing an end to end change and release management process consolidating the processes of 26 global service desks for one of the worlds top 5 commodities companies.

What is your favorite functionality on the ServiceNow platform?

What I really enjoy is that it is a cutting-edge business solution that provides all your business needs in one platform (Sounds like a sales pitch, but I’m being honest).

Top three favorite podcasts or books?

I would have to say Ted-talks, Star talk radio and Lindy Beige are my go-to choices.

Where can we find you when you aren’t working?

Good question. When I am not working I enjoy spending my time custom building designs and printing them with my 3D printer. It can be rather addicting.

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