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Breanne Creelman is APPOXIO’s UI/UX Designer. She is responsible for portal and microsite designs, and also creates our marketing content. Today Breanne has officially been with us for one year and we’ve loved every minute of it! She’s fun to work with and is a constant source of smiles and laughter. We thought it would be fun to sit down with Bre and give our readers the chance to get to know her a little better.

Where did you go to school and what did you study?
I went to Mount Royal University and I loved it. I received a bachelor’s degree in Applied Communications with a major in Graphic Design/ Electronic Publishing.

How did you get into graphic design and how long have you been a designer for?
I started making logos in high school for businesses in my hometown which created my passion for graphic design. I have been designer for about 10 years.

What is your favorite part of being an APPOXIAN?
The innovation of our company is something I truly love. It is awesome to be on a team where every employee is driven and has the same goal in mind. Everyone is always willing to learn or try something new to get the job done.

What is one of your proudest moments?
When I first joined APPOXIO I immediately started designing and implementing a shared services portal that took us 3 months. It was a good feeling that the team trusted my work so early on to put me on a project of such scale.

What is your favourite part of ServiceNow?
Content delivery. It translates our designs from Adobe perfectly and gives the user exactly what they need. I am also a big fan of how it allows the user to have customization options such as changing the colour palette and icons within a design.

Top three favorite podcasts, video games or books?

  1. Book- Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of Nike
  2. Podcast- The Design of Business | The Business of Design
  3. Podcast- Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend

Where can we find you when you are not working?
I would say hanging out with my two daughters, being outside, camping, or visiting with family and friends.

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