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The APPOXIO Employee Service Center is an app that’s a portal. Confused? Let us explain.

It all starts with the Employee Service Center, a wonderful slice of the ServiceNow platform where employees can easily interact with HR, IT and other departments. It’s meant as a one stop shop for employees, and helps with things like usability, communicating with services, finding information, and even reducing requests, incidents and cases.

What about the APPOXIO Employee Service Center? It’s all of the above from ServiceNow with a fresh new look (two to be exact!). Both designs include all standard functionality from the out of the box Employee Service Center portal including the ability to change branding elements like the header and colour scheme.

Our goal for these portal themes? With only a small amount of custom portal vendors around we wanted to give organizations the ability to offer an elevated experience on the ServiceNow platform to their employees without requiring a portal engagement to build a tailored solution.

Click here to visit the app listing in ServiceNow’s App Store.

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