3 Ways Click by APPOXIO can level up your ServiceNow experience

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The APPOXIANS hit the ground running in 2021 by launching our brand-new application, Click by APPOXIO. You’re probably wondering, what is Click? And why does my organization need it? Great questions! Click is an application that keeps your employees informed, engaged, and connected like never before. A place for your employees to call home and get any organizational updates they need.

Click was designed and developed with one goal in mind, to create a unified experience for all users. Here are three (of many) ways Click by APPOXIO is doing exactly that.

1. One-stop-shop for employees

We all know the struggle of searching for information that is scattered throughout a variety of different portals, never knowing exactly where to look or even what you are looking for sometimes. APPOXIO developed Click so employees can be more efficient with their time, and not spend their days searching for information that should be easily accessible at any time from anywhere. With Click configured to fit your organization, your employees can visit one portal to get everything they need. This can include but is not limited to, company updates, employee documents, upcoming events, and a unified search that allows employees to look up information across the entire organization.

2. Lightning-fast configuration that is scalable

Click can be configured and customized to your organization with little to no time in between. Making the transition smooth and effortless for both backend and frontend users. Click comes standard with a variety of prebuilt widgets and page templates that administrators can use to make it fit their exact needs. Are you looking to capitalize on the APPOXIO Employee Hub as well? No problem! Click Seamlessly integrates with that too.

3. Centralized portal with departmental independence

Click extends and enhances the ServiceNow Service Portal experience by bringing all your portals into one centralized location. But this doesn’t mean your departments can’t have their own independence. Within the one portal, each department can share information and customize a variety of different widgets available to make their department their own entity.

We want to hear from you! Get in touch with us today, and we would love to give you a walkthrough of how Click can help your organization keep your employees informed. On that note, thank you for tuning in, and don’t forget the importance of keeping your employees engaged!

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