We’re in the business of making work better.

We do this by integrating our expert knowledge of ServiceNow and UX/UI design with your business. The result? Modern, people-focused solutions that enable productivity and exceptional experiences for employees and customers.

Our Services

We build more than just Service Portals.


Bring your brand to life in ServiceNow.
Elevate the way your organization works with our tailored portal designs and custom widgets.

Customer Service Management

Connect customers and employees like never before.
What do you get when you combine your business process and our expertise? Frictionless interactions and top-tier experiences.

Apps & Integration

Go beyond out of the box.
Fuel your organization’s digital transformation journey with the power of ServiceNow and our expert team, who have built hundreds of apps and integrations for companies around the world.

Platform Services

Optimize your platform and operate at full speed.
Whether it’s tackling your backlog, defining your roadmap, enabling you to upgrade quicker, or training your sustainment team - we’ve got you covered.
Frank Schuster
Founder & President
I started APPOXIO after 6 years as a ServiceNow employee. What started with a few colleagues has grown into a 34 person team spread across Canada serving global markets. We’re small, we’re mighty, and we’re just getting started!

Featured Work

Check out some of our award-winning projects.

Shared Services Portal

Streamline service delivery across numerous departments that support the faculty and support staff of over 100 schools and nearly 60,000 students.

Children’s Hospital IT Service Portal

A top-ranked US children's hospital in need of an improved employee experience that aligned with the look and feel of the organization's established brand.

Employee Benefits

Our client was seeking to simplify their current benefits selection process for all 75,000 employees.
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